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Digital Bootcamp is dedicated to learning and networking. We sponsor a number of events and organizations in Chicago and proudly sponsor these groups.'s mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the world self-organize. Meetup believes that people can change their personal world, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerful enough to make a difference.

Chicago Web Professionals Meetup Group

We are a community of people in web-related professions including designers, UX and UI specialists, developers, SEO specialists, social networking consultants, usability experts, content developers and marketing consultants. We work in desktop and mobile device website and application creation. Many of us are sole proprietors with a specific niche in design or technology, while others are "generalists," sampling and mastering a broad range of interactive tools. We seek to support, inspire, educate and collaborate while we examine the impact of the digital revolution on human life. People of all levels of expertise and interest are welcome as we explore the many technologies available to web professionals.

For upcoming events: Chicago Web Professionals Meetup Group Website

Chicago MySQL User Group Meetup

Chicago MySQL Meetup is a place for everyone, from newbie to expert to learn and share ideas about open source database systems.  Come join us for conversations and more featuring MySQL, MariaDB, and other database related technologies.

For upcoming events: Chicago MySQL User Group Meetup Website

Chicago Web Designers/Web Developers

Learn to earn! Our goal is to schedule expert speakers frequently on topics of interest about Web Designers and Web Development. We seek to help members improve their skills in web based Graphic Design, SEO, CMS, Web Apps, GUI, Adobe Creative Suite, Flash (especially Flash) as well as other suggestions from the group. Afterwards, we plan to meet at a local bar and network our asses off.

For upcoming events: Chicago Web Designers/Web Developers Website

Chicago Interactive Design & Development (CIDD)

This group is for Chicago-area Web, Mobile & UX Designers, Developers, Content Wranglers, Digital Marketers, Designers, etc. - anyone involved in the designing, developing, marketing of websites and mobile applications. At our events you'll get to listen to an industry expert or panel of experts discuss the latest digital trends and tips, plus you can network with others in your industry. Our free get-togethers are held in downtown Chicago, but double check the date/location as sometimes our meetup location does change.

For upcoming events: Chicago Interactive Design & Development (CIDD) Website

For upcoming events: Website

Chicago Advertising Professionals Meetup Group

Meet with other Chicago Ad Professionals to network and discuss the advertising climate in Chicago and nationally. Agency people, advertising sales reps, business owners and others interested in the Chicago Advertising World are encouraged to join!

For upcoming events: Chicago Advertising Professionals Meetup Group Website

Chicago Bloggers

Any Chicago Area Bloggers are welcome. If you have been blogging and need SEO tips, if you want to blog and need encouragement. If you just need to get out and meet some other bloggers in real life. If you have no idea what you are doing and just want to see what this whole blogging thing is about you've come to the right place! The meetings feature a big group discussion, a "show and critique" time, and then some networking and one on one time. I am always looking for suggestions for other meeting places or presentation ideas, so send me your ideas

For upcoming events: Chicago Bloggers Website

The Chicago Graphic Design Meetup Group

Follow us on Twitter! Join our page on Facebook! 1. We are designers who meet on a regular basis to discuss issues/topics related to our field. 2. Any designer from any background is welcome to join. 3. Networking, problem solving and socializing are reasons to join. If you freelance and need to get out of the house, that's a good reason to join as well. 4. Design is fun so we are fun.

For upcoming events: The Chicago Graphic Design Meetup Group Website

Chicago Online Marketing Group

Online marketing is more than just selling stuff on eBay! In fact, online marketing has finally come to the forefront, as companies big and small discover the value of shifting more of their marketing budgets online. Online marketers have proven that you can generate more leads and deliver more sales than traditional marketing--with higher ROIs and lower CPAs. But online marketing is a rapidly developing arena, with specialties now evolving as fast as new opportunities and technologies emerge. Whether its email marketing, web analytics, affiliate marketing or optimized copywriting, you can see the growth in the explosion of acronyms, from ESP (email service providers) and SMM (social media marketing) to SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click). It's heady times for online marketers. But it can also be challenging times. That's why we created this Meetup group. This is a forum where online marketing practitioners and experts can learn, share and network. Whether you're on the marketing staff of a large company or a boutique agency, whether you're using online marketing for your small start-up or to build up your side business, this group is for you. Our mission is simply to help each other grow in this exciting, burgeoning field...and have some fun while we're at it. Our meetings will generally be on the last Tuesday of each month, barring conflicts with holidays or local teams making it deep into the playoffs. The first half of our monthly meetups will typically consist of a presentation; the second half will be open Q&A. Networking opportunities are encouraged before and after; so bring your business cards. If you're interested in presenting on a topic, please drop us a line. There's no cost to join this group, but we will request a $3 donation at events to offset expenses and compensate guest speakers. If you're serious about sharpening your online marketing skills, we look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events. Sponsored by and

For upcoming events: Chicago Online Marketing Group Website

For upcoming events: Website